Gaming with a Story

We are a family with a passion for board games, making new games with a strong emphasis on theme and story, bringing you into new worlds and inviting you to "call the adventure hotline!" for your next big quest.


In a world full of danger and discovery, you are a specialist, commissioned by the government agency known as the Specialized League of Outstanding Wayfinders (S.L.O.W.) to venture into this treacherous region and deal with the likes of pirates, rogue research robots, and overgrown chickens in order to make the land safe and to gain new knowledge of the natural world and the region’s history along the way. Assemble a team of adventurers and travel to destinations, using the abilities of your party to perform actions to deal with the ‘obstacles’ that you find there. Will you fight the gang of bandits? Befriend the Chicken King? Solve the puzzle of the mysterious door hidden in the sand dunes? Maybe navigate expertly through the minefield hidden beneath these rocky waters? Build your skills, and choose your tactics.